September 9, 2023 (Jack87 News) – As the 2023 FIBA World Cup is nearing its end, more dramas flashed before our screens. Last night, in a semifinal match between USA and Germany boda8 my, many NBA fans’ hearts were crushed in seeing the big upset. MOA Arena became the venue of the historical event brought by Germany after defeating the USA team 113-111 and advancing to the final to meet Serbia. This is the first time in the history of the German men’s basketball team to reach the World Cup final.

At the beginning of the game, 1xbet nbathe German team was not dominated by the American team like Italy in the quarterfinals. Under the full-court press of the USA team, the Germans took the lead and played with a confrontation intensity that was no less than that of the rival team. Their efficiency on the perimeter caught the opponents off guard. Seeing that they are behind, the pool of NBA players maintain composure and did not panic. Instead, they used their personal ability to hit long-range three-pointers and singles to break through, narrowing the score to 31-33 in the end of the first quarter.

Moving on to the second quarter, the intensity of the game did not drop. The U.S. team deployed a smaller lineup, and at the same time Edwards, the offensive core, relied on individual singles to open up the score. However, the German team was not intimidated by Edwards’ talent. Instead, it quickly launched a counterattack, relying on the inside shots suppressing the U.S. team’s small lineup to gain an advantage. The USA team’s full-court defense, on the other hand, came into play at the end of the first half. boda8 phHalliburton’s quick counterattack helped his team take the lead and enter the second half to 60-59 score.

Changing sides on the second half, the German team unexpectedly continued to suppress the USA team. Their advantage under the basket continued to work magic against the opponent’s small lineup. Schroeder’s three-point efficiency also brought big advantage to his team going comfortably to the final quarter with a 10-point advantage. The USA team does not lose hope until the very end, relying on Edwards to narrow the point advantage in the last minute. But with one minute left in the game, 1xbet 2023Obst hit a three-pointer at a critical scene to change the situation. Then Schroeder put the USA team in trouble by sealing a mid-range shot. Although Reeves finally fought for a chance in the edge of the moment, Edwards’ mistake at a critical time shattered the hope of his country. In the end, the German men’s basketball team defeated the American men’s basketball team 113-111 to historically reach the finals for the first time.

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