August 28, 2023 (Jack87 News) – A shocking upset was witnessed in the Men’s Basketball World Cup 1xbet casino. The most incredible battle has just ended, where the first victory of the Asian team finally happened. Finland, the top eight in Europe, lost to the weakest team in Asia, Japan.

After the game, many people were crazily bad-mouthing the Chinese men’s basketball team, saying that Chinese basketball is over, and that Japan can win against such a strong European team. They can only envy and hate because the Chinese men’s basketball team will no longer have any excuses in terms of height, race, physical fitness, etc. Japanese basketball is close to catching up with Chinese basketball, and everyone is saying this. It is also worth mentioning that the Japanese players’ ability is now acknowledged by NBA 1xbet download. They now have two active players, giving help to their respective teams.

Despite still having another chance to advance, it is not so good for the Chinese team after the Japan team wins against Finland. Japan has already sealed two victories, so even if they lose against Australia in their last game, a knockout round against Cape Verde can be a possible win. They can guarantee a total record of 2 wins and 3 losses or there may be 3 wins and 2 losses.

If the Chinese men’s basketball team wants to become the best Asian team in the World Cup 1xbet signup, they must win at least three games. If they only win two games, they may have to compete with the Japanese team. Therefore, the men’s basketball team either wins two consecutive group matches to qualify, or wins at least one group match, and then win against the Philippines and Angola in the knockout rounds. They all feel that the future is very pessimistic, but in fact, those who think so underestimated some, and we should be inspired in the incredible win of Japan against Finland.

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