Jack87 news today, The head coach of the England team, Salina Vigman, said that on Sunday, Wimbledry, who was sold out on Sunday, defeated the German team to win the 2022 European Cup with a 2-1 overtime. Will change. ”

In front of the 87,192 record audiences in the history of the European Championships, Croy Kelly pushed the winner back to the home in the 110th minute, bringing the first major event in England in history.

“The world will change; we know this,” Wiggman said. His post – asianbookie bk8 match press conference was sang by the England team “Going home!” It was interrupted.

“We change society, this is what we want; this is not just football.

“Victory is the purpose of our coming here; our job is to do as well as as much as possible, but through football, you can change the society. This is how we come here.”

(England coach Salina Vigman (middle) Lift his arms after leading the team to win the women’s European champion.)

Kelly had just counterattacked in the torn of the first cross ligament and participated in the game in time, and raid at the correct position when the corner kick was unable to remove the corner kick, which made himself a national hero.

The Manchester City winger tears her shirt in the bk8 celebration scene, which is reminiscent of the famous response made by Brandahastan to win the penalty kick at the 1999 World Cup in the United States.

“This is a dream. As a young girl who watched women’s football,” Kelly said, she interrupted the post -match interview, and sang “Sweet Caroline” with her teammates.

“Thank you all participating in my recovery treatment. I have always believed that I will be here, but I will come here and win the winner, wow. These girls are great.”

England won in the 90th minute, and the substitute player Ella ToONE’s wonderful goal against Merle Frohms led the home team to lead.

(Claid Kelly in England won her medal after winning the women’s European finals at the Wimbled Stadium.)

After 11 minutes, Lina Magull equalized the score, and Germany showed an extraordinary rebound ability.

But 56 years have passed in the last time England’s last time in men’s or women’s games, and they have not been denied success in the Grand Slam event.

Queen Elizabeth II leads tribute to the lioness, saying they are “the source of inspiration for girls and women and offspring today.”

Wealth is not optimistic about Germany. They lost the captain and best shooter Alexandra Pop in the warm -up match due to muscle injury.

German boss Martina Wos-Tyklenburg also was angry at the first half of the first half of the England Captain CEA Williamson.

However, England will feel that their luck should be at bk8 sports the same time, because the women’s team in this country achieved better results in the 12 months after the Three Lion Corps lost to Italy in the European Cup men’s final in 2020.

(Alexandra Pop in Germany showed depression after losing the women’s European finals.)

“I can’t stop crying. We talked, we talked, we finally did it,” Williamson said. “This is the most proud moment in my life. I am accepted every second because I want to relive all this for a long time.”

Under the leadership of Vigman, the England team remained unbeaten in 20 games, but despite missed a large number of Pops, it was pushed to the limit by eight winners. Pop played in the five games in the finals. Score 6 goals.

In the additional 30 minutes, both sides felt the rhythm of physical contact. Because Germany failed to deal with the second goal of the corner kick, the England team had only enough time to malaysia bk8 complete the work in the tank, and Kelly’s retractable right legs played the ball home.

After decades of disappointment, England fans finally ushered in an important championship trophy.

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