Jack87 news today, Inter Milan beat Bologna 6-1 at home in Serie A yesterday.

Bologna took the asianbookie lead in the 22nd minute when Riccardo Orsolini’s wild shot bounced into the net from behind teammate Charalampos Lykogiannis.

The bk8 visitors’ joy was short-lived, however, and striker Edin Dzeko’s maiden shot from the edge of the box equalised four minutes later.

Federico DiMarco made it 2-1 for Inter with a perfect free-kick after John Lukumi’s foul on Lautaro Martinez.

Simone Inzaghi’s side scored another goal just before half-time and Martinez nodded at midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu’s corner for his first in five matches a goal.

In the 48th minute, DiMarco scored again, and Joaquin Sosa, who avoided the marking in the penalty area, bk8 asianbookie sent the ball into the lower left corner.

Inter made it 5-1 with Calhanoglu’s penalty, which was awarded for Sosa’s handball and Dzeko scored in the 76th minute.

Inter Milan rose three places to fourth, asianbookie bk8 tied with Atalanta for fifth, and third-placed Lazio hosted Monza today malaysia bk8.


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