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Kedah Darul Aman FC bounced back and end up victorious against Sarawak United FC after losing in their last five matches. The 3-1 win of KDA FC took place in the Arman Stadium.

The intensity of Sang Kenari’s line-up was clearly evident from the very start as they put pressure to the opposing players. The winger from Jordan, Mahmoud Al Mardi swiftly fired a swipe shot to beat the visitors’ goalkeeper in the 8th minute of the game after receiving a cross from Mohammad Fayadh Zulkifli.

Aidil Sharin Sahak’s players seem dissatisfied with just one goal. They controlled the game by showing confidence in passing the ball. However, Ronald Ngah Wanja failed to add goal and also the beautiful pass by Mahmoud in the 43rd minute.bk8 casino malaysia

As the second half enters, former Thailand national player, Sanrawat Dechmitr made a threat with an outside shot in the 51st minute. Muhammad Khairu Azrin’s mistake that lost the ball from the middle of the field a minute later, however, opened the way for Sarawak United to equalize when the seized ball was sent into the home penalty box by the visitors’ players.

In the chaos in the penalty box, Sarawak United striker Francis Kone managed to flick the ball to be sent to his teammate, Uche Agba before the player from Lagos, Nigeria fired a shot with his left foot, thus beating KDA FC goalkeeper, Ifwat Akmal Chek Kassim.

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The second goal was an interesting solo move and this time Sanrawat’s pass helped Ronald Ngah Wanja to release a swerving shot using his left foot.

Finally, on the 79th minute, the crowd goes wild as Mahmoud Al Mardi hit the net on the right side to end the match 3-1 in favor of KDA FC and concluded the game.

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