September 10, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League Group A asianbookie, Liverpool visited Italy and played against Naples at the Diego Maradona Stadium. The host bagged 4 goals against the visitors 1 goal that made Naples ranked second on this round and Liverpool on the third place.

Naples beat Liverpool 4-1 at the Diego Maradona Stadium

Right at the opening of the match, Naples took the lead in scoring through Zelinsky’s penalty kick that marked a 1-0 lead in favor of the hosts. In the 16th minute mark, bk8 Van Djik was given a yellow card by stepping on Osmeen’s foot. The referee gave Naples a penalty kick but was rejected by Alisson.

In the 31st minute mark, Zelinsky made a straight pass, Anguisa moved forward, and the left side of the penalty area faced Alisson and succeeded in pushing from the far corner, Naples 2-0. Before the first half ends, Simeone scored from close range to get a 3-0 advantage.

During the second half, Naples continued to expand the score with Zelinsky who scored his own supplementary shot, Naples 4-0 bk8 asianbookie. After that, Liverpool seems to wake up a little bit through Luis Diaz who volleyed his right foot and scored one point. Jurgen Klopp tried to change tactics at this point by replacing three offensive players, Salah, Firminho, and Milner with Thiago, Nunez, and Jota. But it seems too late as the game ended with 4-1 in favor of Naples.

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