October 17, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the 11th round of the Premier League BK8, Arsenal played against Leeds United. In this match, Saka scored the winning goal that gave Arsenal its ninth victory of the season and continue to lead the standings. Arsenal’s starting lineup for two consecutive rounds is exactly the same, Zinchenko is absent, and Fu An Jianyang is again the left back. In the past 6 games against Leeds United, Arsenal have been unbeaten with 5 wins and 1 draw.

Only 1 minute after the start of the game, the power outage at Leeds United’s home court caused a problem with the referee’s communication equipment. After several minutes of repairs, the referee signaled the players of the two teams to return to the locker room. The game was forced to restart after a 40-minute pause. As it started early on, Sinistra’s midfield attack advanced to the front of the penalty area, and the low shot slightly missed the near post. In the 9th minute Boda8, Gabriel made a clearance, Rodrigo drove the ball forward, dunked Fu An Jianyang and shot but Saliba blocked the ball.

After 20 minutes, Rodrigo passed the ball, Sinistra dribbled the ball inside and then a low shot was blocked from the bottom line. After the corner kick was taken, many people touched the ball. Struic shot from the instep, and Ramsdale responded to quickly save the ball. Another minute passed, when Martinelli made a cross from the left, Erdegao passed the ball, and Jesus lobbed and kicked high from a small angle. In the 25th minute, Rodrigo made a direct pass, Sinistra made a pass, and Rodrigo outflanked the shot and was again blocked.

In the 30th minute, Jesus made a free kick with Odegaard giving it a try to shot directly but Mellier flew to save and block the ball. And on 35th minute mark, Rodrigo’s transfer ball was broken. Saka and Odegaard cooperated and cut to the right side of the penalty area. They volleyed the goal from a small angle and scored 0-1. Arsenal took the lead away right before the halftime ends.

After halftime, Bet99 Leeds United started to came into their senses. They started to attack aggressively and protected the ball on the other side of the field. A couple of penalty kick took place but both trials were saved by the opposing team. During the 93rd minute mark, Bamford knocked down Gabriel pedaling after falling to the ground. The referee showed Gabriel a red card. After reviewing the video, Bamford was awarded a foul first, and the red card was cancelled. At the end of the game, Arsenal won 1-0 against Leeds United.

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