September 24, 2022 (Jack87 News) – In the continuation of 2022-23 UEFA Europa League asianbookie, Italy faced England at the San Siro Stadium in Milan . Raspadori secured the only goal of the night that gave Italy a win and put England to relegation.

At the beginning of the match, bk8 Raspadori tried shot shot early in the 4th minute from the penalty area but was blocked. Both teams aggressively attacks on each sides, with complete tactical passing but no goal actually ended successfully. It could be said that the first half was dull and neither side had the chance as it ended with a tie to nothing.

The start of the second half is somewhat a physical game as you could see desperation on most players. In the 48th minute mark, bk8 sports Bonucci got a yellow card when he brought down Sterling, who was counterattacking with the ball at the front of the penalty area. It’s hard to tell if it was just a low night for everybody or they were just all good defensively because of scoring drought. This was the case all night until Raspadori stepped up to seal the only goal for Italy and concluded the fight.

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