December 1, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The final round of Group D in the 2022 Qatar World Cup was between the defending champion France and the African powerhouse Tunisia at the Education City Stadium BK8. The game started slowly ending the halftime with both teams scoreless. Come second half when Tunisian captain Hazri scored the winning goal 1-0 upsetting the French team. After the game, the points tallied with France scoring 6 points and ending up in the top spot in their group and will be advancing to the knockout round. Tunisia, on the other hand regretted being out of the competition despite beating the best team in the World Cup.

As mentioned earlier, the game started slowly with both teams attacking sloppy but defending accurately. At this point in time, Tunisia can be seen attacking aggressively but the French are too cautious to let the ball slide into the net. There were couple of long-distance chances but was always intercepted. With this scene in front of our eyes, it was predicted that the first half ended with both teams scoreless 0-0 Bet99.

During the second half of the game, Tunisia created chaos in the French penalty area. Joan Ameni tackled Hazri from behind. An angled shot goes over the bar. Then in the 57th minute, Tunisian midfielder Schiri completed a midfield steal. Captain Hazri dribbled the ball straight in the middle. At the top of the arc, a fake shot and a real buckle shook Varane, who was defending, and broke into the penalty area to catch up with Di Saxi. Tunisia scored the first goal of this World Cup, leading France 1-0.

The goal hero Hazri was subsequently replaced while France made adjustments getting Mbappe, Rabiot and Saliba inside. The leading Tunisia retreated across the board, and it was difficult for the French team to organize a threatening offensive. In the 78th minute, Dembele Boda8, who just came on the field, made a cross from the right. The ball turned to the back corner of the goal and almost broke the goal. He tried again and kicked a long shot from outside the penalty area but was caught by the goalkeeper. Since then, both teams were unable to score again. The French team lost 0-1 to Tunisia in an upset, and still advanced to the knockout round as the top team of the group.

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