December 2, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Early morning of December 2 BK8, the third round of Group E of the World Cup group match between Japan and Spain was held at Khalifa International Stadium. Morata scored in the first half to give Spain an early advantage 1-0 against Japan. The action changed its rhythm in the second half as Japan scored two consecutive goals in the opening game to reverse the score. In the end, Spain lost 1-2 to Japan, who qualified first in the group. At the same time, in another game, Germany succeeded in reversing Costa Rica, the reason why Spain was able to advance in a thrilling manner.

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Germany Rescues Spain by Defeating Costa Rica 4-2 in a Thrilling Qualifying

The game starts aggressively with both teams attacking on both sides. It can be seen though, that Spain got their rhythm fast as they’ve seen a perfect chance in the early part of the game. Azpilicueta made a diagonal pass from the right of the penalty area to Morata, who scored with a header from close range and Spain scored the first goal of the night. At the end of halftime, Spain temporarily led Japan 1-0 Bet99.

As the second half begins, the situation suddenly changes! In the 48th minute, Japan equalized the score because Spain made a mistake in the backcourt pass when Tang Anlu intercepted the ball on the right side of the frontcourt, cut inside and kicked into the net, Japan even the score 1-1 against Spain!

Japan must have foung their rhythm right because they successfully implemented a beautiful play. Yoshida Maya sent a long pass from the middle of the backcourt to Ito Junya, who passed the ball to the top of the arc. Then Tanaka Aoi hit the goal in the chaotic battle but the referee first judged that the ball went out of the bottom line first. So, they consulted with VAR to review the goal and in the end confirmed that the goal is indeed good. Japan successfully reversed Spain, 2-1 that concluded the game. Because of this big win, tallying the real-time points, Boda8 Japan hailed as the top ranked in their respective group.

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