December 2, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The final match in Group E of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicked off. BK8 Germany played against Costa Rica with a huge impact on Spain’s journey at the World Cup. A thrilling battle ended with Germany defeating Costa Rica 4-2, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the group stage, accumulating 4 points. However, because Spain in the same group lost to Japan, Germany’s goal difference was far behind their opponents with the same points as Spain.

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Japan Earned their Group’s Top Spot After Beating Spain 2-1

In the first minute, Musiala dribbled the ball inside and cut to the top of the arc, then made a low shot which was saved by Navas from the bottom line. After 10 minutes, Raum made a pass from the left side of the front field while Gnabry in the middle of the penalty area shook his head and hit the ball on the right side of the goal. Germany managed to pull an early advantage 1-0 against Costa Rica before the first half ends.

Early on in the second half, Benegas hit the goal with a strong shot from the top of the arc but was intercepted by the opponent. After a couple of minutes, Klostermann tried to send the ball to Sane at the top of the arc, Fuller then went forward to the right side of the penalty area, and then picked a pass to the small open spot. Campbell’s header caused Neuer to drop the ball. Luckily, Tejeda was there for a follow up and scored in front of the goal. Bet99 Costa Rica equalized the score 1-1 against Germany.

More time passed, Costa Rica took a set kick from the frontcourt where Campbell catches and flew the header to Vargas who hit the goal in the chaos where the ball hit Neuer’s body and bounced into the goal Costa Rica now in the front seat with 2-1 score.

Just a few minutes flies, Sane lobbed a pass to the penalty area, and the ball went in and out. Haverts went forward and shoot in the middle of the penalty area, making the score tied to 2-2 for the second time tonight. More actions happened in the 79th minute where Kimmich took a corner kick from the front court, which was received by Rudiger who nodded and the goal was slightly wide of the left post. In the 85th minute, Havertz from the right side of the front court passed the ball to the front of the small penalty area and scored a successful shot that gave Germany the lead back with 3-2.

The game didn’t stop there as Musiala stole the ball from the front court and passed it to the left side of the penalty area. Sane followed up with a volley but was thrown. In the 89th minute, Boda8 Kimmich passed the ball to the left side of the penalty area. Sane took advantage of the situation and headed towards the goal. Phil Krueger followed up with a successful shot and the score became 4-2 that ended with Germany defeating Costa Rica.

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