November 29, 2022 (Jack87 News) – On the 28th of November 2022, BK8 Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup continue with a match between South Korea and Ghana. In the early minute of the first half, Salisu took advantage of a good chance and scored a goal from the inside to give Ghana a lead. After a while, Kudus received a header from Jordan Ayu’s cross to help Ghana expand the score to 2-0. South Korea came to their senses after being two goals behind and scored two goals to equalize the score. Kudos then scored again in the 68th minute to help Ghana take the lead again. The game ended with coach Paul Bento of South Korea getting a red card from the referee for protesting their 2-3 loss against Ghana.

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Not long ago after the match started, Huang Renfan shoveled down Jordan Ayew, who was breaking through with the ball, and Ghana got the left set ball. Jordan Ayew took the penalty and drove the ball into the middle of the penalty area. It was then when Salisu seized the opportunity to hit the right side of the goal with his left foot at close range, and then VAR intervened to determine that the goal was valid, and Ghana took the lead, 1-0!

In the 27th minute, Zheng Yourong pulled Lamptai from behind and was shown a yellow card by the referee on duty. In the 34th minute, Thomas split the side, Mensah returned from the left side of the frontcourt, and Jordan Ayew made a pass from the left side of the perimeter to the penalty area. Bet99 Kudus nodded and scored the goal. Ghana expanded the score to 2-0 right before the end of halftime.

When the second half started, South Korean team made substitutions to change tactics. Li Gangren, who came from off the bench, made a counterattack from the left side of the frontcourt and made a pass to Cao Guicheng who scored a header from the middle of the goal. South Korea pulled back a goal to ease the bleeding to 1-2!

A couple of minute after, Lee Gang-in instigated in the middle of the frontcourt, Son Heung-min made a straight pass from the left, Kim Jin-soo made a pass from the bottom, and Cao Kyu-sung jumped high into the net with a header to score again for South Korea to equalize the score to 2-2!

Ghana never lose composure and in the 68th minute, Mensah received a pass from his teammate on the left side of the front field and then knocked back into the penalty area. Williams kicked in the middle, and Kudus easily pushed the goal with his left foot and scored his second goal of the night, which gave Ghana a 3-2 win against South Korea.

Boda8 South Korea still tried to do some tricks to get back in the game. They almost made another miracle but the referee decided not in their favor. After the final whistle sounded, South Korean coach Paul Bento protested angrily because he was dissatisfied with the referee’s failure to give the last corner kick. The referee on duty immediately flashed a red card that ended the night.

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