November 11, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The 2022 Qatar World Cup will officially begin on November 21, 2022. Serbia belong in Group G BK8, together with Brazil, Switzerland and Cameroon to compete for two qualifying places. As the successor of Yugoslav football, Serbia has been looking for a breakthrough in the World Cup.

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As of today, Serbia is in 25th of the FIFA ranking. Head coach Stojkovic will lead the team, together with captain Tadic and vice-captain Mitrovic. Upon joining, Mitrovic completed 50 goals, the highest in team history and is still counting because he is still active. In the past World Cup they were eliminated in the group stage.

In this World Cup, the strongest position of the Serbian team is undoubtedly the striker. Looking at the top 32, they can almost rival any team. There are three commonly used strikers in the Serbian team namely Vlahovic, Mitrovic and Jovic. The current competitive state is outstanding. Vlahovic entered the giants at the beginning of this year, and moved from Fiorentina to Juventus for 81.6 million euros, and soon became the top scorer of the Bianconeri. Last season, Vlahovic scored 24 goals in Serie A. This season, his competitive state is the same as that of Juventus. However, Vlahovic is still the absolute gem for the Serbian team.

Compared with Vlahovic, Mitrovic’s competitive state is even more popular. He played 46 times on behalf of Fulham last season, scoring 43 goals and 7 assists, helping the team to rise to the Premier League smoothly. At present, he is the only player on the scorer list who is close to Manchester City’s striker Haaland Boda8, and he is very much needed by the Serbian team.

As for Jovic, he is still slowly returning to his form. He represented Frankfurt 50 times in the 2018-2019 season, scoring 27 goals and 6 assists. His outstanding performance led him to join Real Madrid for 63 million euros in the summer of 2019. Sadly, Jovic didn’t do well at Real Madrid. This summer, Jovic terminated his contract with Real Madrid and joined Fiorentina as a free agent. This season, he has made 10 appearances and scored 1 goal.

On the stage of the World Cup, it will be the best platform for Vlahovic, Mitrovic and Jovic to show themselves. If they can achieve great success, then Vlahovic has the opportunity to join a giant bigger than Juventus. Mitrovic has the opportunity to step into the top European teams, and Jovic has the opportunity to return to the European giants. From their own victories, they definitely have a chance to make a big splash in the World Cup.

On November 25, Serbia’s opponent in the first game was the mighty Brazil team. The two sides had a confrontation in the last World Cup group stage. At that time, the Selecao won 2-0. Therefore, this game will be a hard fight for the Serbian team. Their next opponent will be the Cameroon on the 28th of the same month. If the Balkan Eagles want to break out of the group stage, this is a must-win match, because the African Lions are the weakest team in this group. In the final round of the group stage, Bet99 Serbia will face Switzerland on December 3. The outcome of this game may directly determine which team will qualify for the second place in the group. It should be pointed out that they once played in the group stage of the last World Cup. The two teams directly competed for a qualifying spot. In the end, the Serbian team lost 1-2 and went out.

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