November 29, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Early morning today, the Group H of the 2022 Qatar World Cup continue its games with Portugal playing against Uruguay BK8. After the game, the Portuguese team defeated the Uruguayan team with final score of 2-0. Due to South Korea’s 2-3 loss to Ghana in another game, the qualifying situation in the final round of this group is also relatively clear. Among them, Portugal has already qualified ahead of schedule after getting two consecutive wins, while the remaining three teams will compete for the last place to qualify.

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Qatar World Cup Group H standings: Portugal has 6 points (+3), Ghana has 3 points (0), South Korea has 1 point (-1), and Uruguay has 1 point (-2).

The third round match of Group H of the Qatar World Cup group stage: South Korea vs Portugal, Ghana vs Uruguay

Portugal’s qualifying situation: The team has already qualified one round ahead of schedule, and as long as they draw in the final round, they will be able to win the first place in the group. If they lose, as long as Ghana loses or fails to catch up with 3 goal differences, Portugal may also qualify first.

Ghana’s qualifying situation Bet99: They must win over Uruguay in the final round to ensure qualifying. If there is a draw, as long as South Korea fails to catch up with the goal difference, they can qualify but if they lose, they will be eliminated directly.

South Korea’s qualifying situation: In the final round they need to beat Portugal and meet one of the two conditions – Ghana draws with Uruguay, and South Korea catches up with Ghana’s goal difference. If Uruguay beats Ghana and fails to catch up with South Korea’s goal difference, they can qualify but they will be eliminated directly in other cases.

Uruguay qualifying situation: They need to beat Ghana in the final round, and meet these conditions – South Korea beats Portugal but the goal difference is surpassed by Uruguay (2 goal difference or 1 goal difference + 2 difference in the number of goals) can qualify, otherwise, they will be eliminated directly.

The two games in the last round of the World Cup group stage will kick off at the same time. For Portugal, the team has a high probability of winning the group. This is good news for South Korea, the opponent in this group. If Ghana plays against Uruguay, it will be good for Portugal. In the current situation, Boda8 South Korea is also expected to pick up a victory against Portugal, but Portugal will certainly not take it lightly. After all, if they fall to second place in the group, the team will almost certainly face Brazil, the top place of Group G, in the knockout round.

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