September 12, 2022 (Jack87 News) – The 2022 asianbookie Men’s Basketball European Cup round of 16 continued with the match between Czech Republic and Greece. In last time’s Olympic play-offs, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s teammates missed the chance to advance in the Tokyo Olympics stage after being defeated by Czech Republic. Today’s game is a totally different story considering that on paper, the Greeks power is higher now with the back-to-back MVP on court playing for his country. He obviously did not want the same tragedy to happen again, when he was fighting in the Championship for the Bucks.

After the opening, under the leadership of Antetokounmpo bk8, the Greek team was really imposing. During the period, Antetokounmpo could attract double teams and create excellent three-point shooting opportunities for his teammates. In the counterattack, he can also transform into a pie-eating monster and activate his personal scoring account with extremely domineering dunks.

But throughout the first half, Antetokounmpo also felt the suffocating atmosphere of the knockout game. His offense was greatly restricted, and he did not score as much as he did in the group stage.

In the second half, the Greek team was in a backward position for a time, and due to the Czech team’s firm contraction of the inside line, the breakthrough path of the Bucks’ main man was also largely blocked.

At the end, Antetokounmpo continued to show his big heart. In the middle of the final quarter, he took the euro step to get rid of the defender and scored a layup on the counterattack. Then, he blocked the opponent’s layup with a big cap with a pegboard.

Entering the decisive period, Antetokounmpo’s state is getting better and better. He has extended the offensive area to the outside. Although his three-point shooting rate is not high in the European Cup so far, in this game, he is at the most critical stage, facing Veseli in the face of two consecutive golden three-pointers that concluded the game where Greece defeated the Czech Republic 94-88.

In this game, Antetokounmpo played 33 minutes on the Greek side, made 8 of 17 shots, and scored 27 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 block. On the Czech side, Jan Veseli played 32 minutes, made 10 of 13 shots, and scored 21 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. bk8 sports Satoransky only scored 3 points, but scored 8 rebounds, 17 assists and 2 steals.

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