China’s head coach Du Feng watches the FIBA ​​Asia Cup game against Indonesia in Istola Gloria Bangkano, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jack87 news today, After the FIBA ​​Asia Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Chinese men’s basketball team will travel to Europe to prepare for the next stage of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Asian qualifiers in August.

China’s exit from the Asian Cup in the quarter-finals was disappointing asianbookie, but the team had to overcome a lot of difficulties to participate.

“It’s safe to say that we’ve never seen anything like this before,” coach Du Feng said. “Following the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Asia qualifiers, bk8 sports players began to have health problems, our training and practice schedules were interrupted, and we had to recruit five new players from home, but three of them never played. The training of the national team. They know very little about the performance of their teammates and the team.”

China’s Zhou Qi (#15) fights for a rebound in the FIBA ​​Asian Cup quarterfinal against Lebanon at Istora Gelora Bung Karno in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ahead of the Asian Cup, multiple players had to stay in Melbourne after testing positive for COVID-19. bk8 asianbookie Additionally, only six of those who went to Jakarta were able to regularly participate in team training.

“It [COVID-19] is not like the common cold, which consumes our players seriously. I remember Zhou Qi lost nearly 5kg when he arrived in Indonesia from Australia. Zhao Jiwei and many other players were not in good health either,” Du said. .

The coach recalled that they talked to the players face-to-face and then selected 12 players based on their fitness and willingness to play in the Asian Cup. “Many of the 12 players were in hotel rooms for over a week for health reasons,” Du said. “They’re not at their best, but they still go to the pitch to fight. It’s not easy and it’s a big challenge for the coaching staff.”

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