September 12, 2022 (Jack87 News) – Even before the game started, it is obvious that there is a certain gap between the two teams in terms of power that made it difficult for the Serbians to clear customs. Italy asianbookie, with its powerhouse team, once pushed Antetokounmpo’s Greek team into a desperate situation using their excellent teamwork.

There was a lot of trouble for Serbia in the first quarter. Their main man, Nikola Jokic was strictly guarded by Italy that he almost never get the chance to catch the ball. Soon, the reigning MVP found the rhythm and assisted his teammate in a three-pointer bk8. He has also adjusted in the game defense and fought offensively.

Before the first half ended, the Denver Nuggets big man gets better and better. He can easily move and slip to the basket to catch the ball and score a layup. Since then, he has continuously exerted his dominance in the interior, and the storm has also hit steadily.

After changing sides, Italy showed dominance again. Coach Pocheko was ejected for two technical fouls because he was dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty. Before leaving the field, Pocheko hugged the players and coaching staff one by one, and approached the player tunnel with tears in his eyes. But also because of this accident, Italy’s fighting spirit was completely inspired.

In the last quarter, Italy set off an offensive frenzy. A 16-2 attack wave not only reversed the trend, but also established a double-digit lead. In the face of Italy’s three-point rain, Serbia was somewhat confused from coaches to players.

In the whole game, Jokic scored 32 points, 13 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. In terms of personal performance, this is almost his best in this European Cup. However, in the face of Italy’s accurate 16 three-pointers (16 of 38 shots, with a total shooting rate of 42.1%)bk8 sports, it was not good enough. The game ended with 94-86 in favor of Italy. Serbia was eliminated in the round of 16, and it was the biggest upset since the start of this European Cup.

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