KUALA LUMPUR – Jack87 Asian bookie news today, July 11, 2022 at 1:30pm Malaysian time. As part of building up for the national competitions, Malaysian national potential team players joined in FilBasket, A professional basketball league in the Philippines with the Malaysian-based team KL ASEEL.

Most noticeable among the Malaysian players is the 24-year old promising guard Tem Zhen Jie. Dropping double figures in a couple of games earned him performance highlights that has already accumulated at least 120,000 views on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, counting the posts on the league’s official account alone.

After showing his skills, this 5’10” guard has surely built up momentum towards making a national team debut. He is now more focused in proving his worth with some big competitions mainly the FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Pre-Qualifiers.

Leading up to the Pre-Qualifiers, Tem and Malaysia will have already spent a couple of months with each other, building up the chemistry that successful teams need to strive on the court. That is one of the key qualities that Boda8 Malaysia were relying on. After going up against some tough competitions, the national team became stronger and will forever hold the lessons they acquired from the competitions.

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